The Mediterranean diet Prevents Weight Gain


The Mediterranean diet is Hight in fish, fruits, vegetables, lean meats, olive oil, whole grain, and red whine. Its proven that it redices LDL cholesterol "bad cholesterol" and keeps blood sugar and insulin levels on an even scale. This "food regime" as AM call it insted of "Diet" has shown that consuming it prevents weight gain, and is a painless way to promote weighat control.

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Inspirational Weight Success Story! Read to know How AM did it!

You tell yourself that its time to get in shape, its time to lose some weight, you need to feel better about yourself. But you don’t know where or how to start this journey. AM have been there, & she want you to know how to start. Never lose faith in your self....because Failure its not an option!

Now this is how she did it. This information may be very useful if you want to take charge of your life, your fit strong figure & health again. AM inspirational weight lose inspire her fitness followers every day.

So be truthful with yourself. Do you want to keep whining and crying because you feel uncomfortable with the way you look, or you want to start winning and fight with a brave positive attitude to really accomplish this challenge to the top.

Work in your cardio first. Look for a fun fitness routine that you have been egger to try. She did her magic with ZUMBA fitness ,and she is a walking success story.

Now, a great workout should be combining with good strength training to tight and lean those muscle. AM. did it with Pilates allegro. Trust her, they will make a difference if you every try it, you immediately see your progress in one week.

Exercise is not the only key here. A good and appropriate nutritional regime “diet” takes a big part of your jump start and gives you a high metabolism plus energy to keep on going. At least you need to eat 5 to 6 times a day in small portions. Bring to your daily nutritional regimen the specific good carbohydrates, proteins, healthy fats, and antioxidants, but don’t forget about your every day multivitamins and to complete your magic, drink water, tons of it because this is the best tool ever to lose weight.

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Here you will brainstorm your mind with tons of information on how to break through the path of a “YoYo” weight games and "diets".  As a Caribbean native AM encounter in her life many obstacles that challenged her on maintaining ideal weight once and for all. As everyone else she tried so many “diets” that possible worked for her in a short term. But when she rich the breaking point of gaining 50 pounds in a 5’2’ petite body; she stopped and said: “No More, there has to be a way to maintain it for good”. So, she did proved everybody that committing to a right small portion low Glycemic healthy eating was her key to brake the path and stay in shape in a long term. The trick to all of her success was to choose the right selection of food that complimented her lifestyle. Now there is a big list of Glycemic food list, but a really important aspect of knowing each ingredient to her “diet routine” was to change every week and add a new food from that variety of fantastic healthy foods. As you know, the word “diet” make us exited but at the same time there is a boring point of it; we all get use to the same routine, get very bored and start cheating again, so at the end of our so call “yoyo Diet” backfire us making us gain more weight than ever because of the discouragement we get at not achieving what we expected to lose in the first place.  Her recommendations are always to set a goal, commit, get knowledge of the foods you eat and manage to change the Diet routinary “ eating menu” in your daily lifestyle.  For more details in what kind of Glyesemic food she used to lose and maintains her ideal weight. You must subscribe and stay connected to read more about her fantastic tips that changed her life, and positively change yours too.

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Failure Is not and Option..." When we commit to Something, WE do not stop Half way"!!xoxo AM

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